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5 Best iOS Visual Novel Games
WET Productions Inc.
  My Virtual Girlfriend – Single and Free

My Virtual Girlfriend is the #1 dating simulation game available – there is no other game like it! Featured on MSNBC, Kotaku, Discover and Lopez Tonight! ===== APP REVIEWS!===== = 5/5 = 9/10 Editor Picked by! ======================= Note: the game text reads in English only. D E S C R I P…

Yoonsun Kim
  Tears 9, 10

HAPPY NEW YEAR! SALE FOR LIMITED TIME $2.99 -> $0.99 The most fun and touching story you’ve ever read! It’s about a boy meets a girl, who never give up her dream. This is the first story from independet developer, Team DTR. Please be noticed that this is a remake version of the legendary korean…


“Don’t split heaven in two …” It is thirty years since a world war put an end to space development. Most of the human race is dead and incessant rain falls on the surface of the Earth. The Junk Hunter earns his living from scavenging precious supplies from abandoned cities. The Junk Hunter infiltrates a…

Dischan Media Inc.
  Juniper’s Knot

Juniper’s Knot is a short kinetic visual novel created by Dischan. The story begins with the meeting of a young boy and a demon in a silent town. A kinetic novel is a story told through a combination of character art, backgrounds, music, and writing. The app also contains an extras gallery of in game…

Aksys Games Localization, Inc.
  999: The Novel

Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Novel (999) is a thrilling adventure story from acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi that takes readers on a suspense-filled journey full of danger, terrifying choices, and unexpected twists toward a variety of endings that may or may not see them coming out alive on the other side….

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