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5 Best iOS Space Shooter Games
Wei Lee
  Demon Star

1, “Survive as long as you can by shooting all enemies.” 2, “This game has it all: addictive gameplay, great power-ups, and big scary bosses!” 3, “Play this revamped classic 2D space-ship shooter, complete with weapon upgrades, and nostalgic music!” 4, “Fly around in your spaceship, destroying turrets and planes with lasers and missiles.” 5,…

Game Play
Tabasco Interactive
  Star Horizon

Please Note: Star Horizon requires an iPad2/iPhone 4s/iPod Touch 5 or above. “Star Horizon stands on its own as a title that is well worth playing. The visual splendor alone would be more than enough to justify the purchase.” – 148Apps “Star Horizon is a fiery and fitting tribute the likes of Afterburner and Starfox.”…

Crescent Moon Games
  Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator for iOS that combines sharp controls, beautiful graphics, adaptable missions and a new game expansion system to create an unique space combat experience for mobile devices. = BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS = Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetary orbits or in deep space. Experience a…

Owens Rodriguez
  Alien Space Retro

***Previously Featured on iTunes Games “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot”, and “What We’re Playing” sections!*** The best space shooter in the App Store is now Retro! Inspired by classic arcade games, Alien Space Retro combines the best of old and new, bringing dual-stick shooter gameplay to a new level. Your mission: Pilot your ship into…

Affogato LLC
  Isotope: A Space Shooter

“Isotope probably has more content than any other shooter and is one of the most addicting iPhone games that I’ve ever played.” – 148Apps “Isotope Lite: A Space Shooter” – A “Must Get” Game” – TouchArcade “If you haven’t yet, please please please get Isotope” – TouchMyApps “Isotope is a fully featured, visually stunning twin-stick…

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