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5+ Best Android Apps to Quickly Switch Between Apps
  GUNAI – Intelligent Smartbar

Too many apps on your phone?Tired of switching launchers?Isn't your smartphone smart enough?Purvotara presents, GUNAI – Artificially Intelligent SMARTBAR ◉ Why GUNAI?Launchers consider your apps irrelevant, WE DON'T!Launchers and home replacement apps change the look and functionality of your homescreen. Making it too clumsy and useless than usual. ◉ GUNAI – Making your phone smart,…

GingerSoftware Inc.
  Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Upgrade your phone's keyboard to the #1 Android Keyboard App! ”Ginger Keyboard allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing." –TechCrunch Ginger offers tons of emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, themes and free in-app games, as well as advanced artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyze your text, learn your writing as you type…

  Floating ToolBox-Floating App

Floating ToolBox is application provider for you floating launcher similar to galaxy S5 Toolbox. It help to you quick launch app on anywhere. [Featured]✔ Add more 5 apps(unlimited add app same as on Galaxy S5)✔ Drag the Toolbox icon anywhere on screen.✔ Change Toolbox size.✔ Start on boot✔ Custom sort app item direct on ToolBox.✔…

  LAS: Last App Switcher

★★★As featured in Lifehacker, XDA Developers, Android Authority, Android Police, BGR, Android Community, Wonder How To and many more★★★ Think about the last channel button on your TV remote, which makes switching between two channels as easy as pie. Now think about a button on your mobile/tablet which switches you to the last used application…

  Pie Control (New)

NOTE: This is the updated version of my previous app Pie Control which can be found here. I have lost the key for that app so it cannot be updated any more. From now on, all updates will be added to this Pie Control. In case you want a refund, please send me a mail….


This widget will help you to start your prefered apps or call your best friends – but with style! !NEW! moved swipe functions to new free app 'CircleLauncher Swipe' You can add some frequently used apps, contacts or bookmarks to this launcher and start those apps, contacts or bookmarks with one click from a circle,…

Holaverse Group
  Omni Swipe – Small and Quick

Omni Swipe allows convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications using just one hand. Google Play editors have described Omni Swipe as "the @ContainerStore for our @Android" on Twitter ( Aw shucks, thanks, Google! To use, just swipe from your screen's bottom left or right corner on any screen to instantly…

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