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Android Apps For Coffee Lovers
  Coffee Counter

How much coffee did you drink today?Coffee Counter will help you monitor of daily consumption of coffee. You will see daily chart tracking of cups you drink per day. – Include Caffeine counter, only to espresso

  Coffee Finder

Formerly known as Find A Starbucks, relaunched with a new name and logo after receiving a Cease and Desist from Starbucks. Update: Support has been added for Dunkin' Donuts, Peets Coffee, Tim Hortons, Caribou Coffee, Seattle's Best, Coffee Bean and Au Bon Pain. Nutritional Information is now also available from the menu. If you love…

  Baristame – Coffee Guide FREE

Baristame – Coffee and Espresso Drink Guide FREE The FREE edition does not have as many features as the PRO version. The PRO version contains no advertisements and many new features. If you like the FREE version and want to support, please purchase the PRO version! What's New?☆ Updated look and feel☆ Added 'LEARN' and…

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