Let's make a simple to draw Pixel Arts! "dotpict" Is a new sense of Pixel Arts painting app. ◆Pen tip is not hidden by the finger "dotpict" Nib is not hidden by the finger. Like in operability, such as a mouse, You can draw quickly! ◆Auto save of peace of mind Since the work is always saved in the auto save, And peace of mind to enjoy Pixel Arts production is! ◆Easy to share the work You can be easily shared with SNS services. Let's introduce the Pixel Art to everyone by email or Twitter! Now "dotpict" Getting started with! [Features] ・Undo, Redo ・Zoom of canvas ・Display of the grid, non- display ・Export / share ...

Pixel art editor – Dottable –

Yosuke Seki
BE CREATIVE in your spare time!! This app enables you to make a pixel art easily. Although the operation is simple, it has layer editing, color making and other professional tools. Wanna make your original work during your spare time or before going to bed? To prevent a crash, creating a new project needs more than 300MB free space of your device. Sorry for the inconvenience. The app’s main functions are below. - Layer editing You can add, delete and copy layers. You can also choose the layer display or non-display and change the order of layers. - Various tools The app has basic tools to paint. (Pen, Syringe, blotting ...

Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

Benjamin Xu
Pixel Animator: GIF Maker With Pixel Animator, you can do more than cool pixel art. Make your sprites moving is just like a piece of cake. Features: 1 Make your pixel art from scratch or based on an existing photo or cartoon. 2 Adjust next GIF frame picture based the previous picture which saves your lots of time. 3 Export your animation as a GIF format which is support by every version of browser no matter on the PC platform or the mobile platform. 4 Edit an existing GIF file. 5 Share your GIF Pixel Animation with your friends. Tips: The Paint Bucket is very useful. You ...

BitDraw – Pixel art tool

BitDraw is an app that allows you drawing great pixel by pixel images and share them with your friends. We have special attention on your feedback. Thanks a lot for your reviews. ***************** *Winner at AppCircus Villahermosa MX **Nominee to Mobile Premier Award 2012 It's very fun and cool. Show the world the artist you are and share with us via @bitdraw in twitter or via email *Full screen app. *Undo *Share with Twitter, mail and facebook with a long touch over one gallery image. A new version is coming soon (= ...

Pixelable – Pixel art editor

Yosuke Seki
Here is a pleasant pixel art editor! This is an app which pursue the stress-free and intuitively drawing of pixel art. The app has genuine functions, like layer editing, color making, and various tools. Also, you can operate intuitively. For example you can enlarge and reduce the canvas by pinch in or pinch out. Main functions are below. - Layer editing You can add and erase, and copy layers. Also, you can select display or non-display mode, change the order of layers, and make a layer transparent. - Tools The app has basic tools to draw pixel arts. (For example, pen, spuit, filling and transfer) ・Undo and ...

Pixaki – Create pixel art

Pixaki is a powerful pixel art creation app for iPad. It features many of the same features found in desktop apps — such as custom canvas sizes, layers, precise color selection and customisable palettes — but with a gorgeous multi-touch interface that is just right for iPad. Whether you're creating 8-bit game characters or vast isometric cityscapes, Pixaki has the tools you'll need in an app you'll love. Creating pixel art with Pixaki is every bit as accurate as using a mouse and cursor. Pixaki lets you smoothly zoom in up to 250x with a simple pinch gesture to give ...