Hero Bash (Brawler / MOBA)

Wizard Fu, Inc.
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BASH like a HERO using your SKILL and STRATEGY to WIN real-time team ARENA BATTLES!

“Super fun and crazy addictive!”
“Loving this game!”

Fireballs! Hands reaching out of purple goo! Slices of pizza! Invisibility cloaks! With over 50+ items and abilities, you’ll have your hands full trying to master all the cartoon zaniness of Hero Bash!

During a match, four player teams work together to impress fans, to gain access to powerful strategic presents, to KO opposing players, and ultimately to beat the red team!


* Sporty gameplay! Finally, a MOBA without towers!
* Speed! Matches usually last 5-9 minutes.
* Presents! Find and open them for 50+ kinds of effects, good and bad!
* Attributes! Choose to power up health, damage, armor, speed, cooldowns or luck!
* Customization! Personalize your hero with different weapons, helmets, gauntlets and other armor!
* Global leaderboard! Do you have what it takes to become a top player?
* Fairness! Nothing can be purchased which gives an unfair advantage.
* Chat-free! Being called a “noob” is no fun, so we decided not to have a chat window.
* PvP, co-op and solo modes!